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Korczowa Logistics Park is suitable to accommodate logistics/distribution activities, (chilled) storage and light manufacturing activities.

Korczowa Logistics Park is a state-of-the-art and tailor-made development which meets today’s demanding customer requirements. It benefits from amenities such as secure truck parking, on-site customs’ presence, retail space, a hotel, a petrol station, a truck repair shop and spare parts center.

The park is owned by a group of Belgian and Polish investors who can say today: we are ready to welcome you in this brand new development!

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Our advantages

Korczowa Logistics Park is located just a few hundred metres from the border with Ukraine.

This makes it very attractive for logistics and distribution activities. Customs will also be on site which makes it the ideal place for your activities.

The park is located in the region of Podkarpackie which offers still a lot of labour force. This allows you to meet easily the employees which are needed for doing your activities.

The extension of the highway A4 is totally finished. Hereby big cities as Kraków, Tarnow and Rzeszow are directly connected. The duration between the park and cities is now reduced to a minimum.

Trucks who pass the border from outside Europa can store their goods as close as possible to the border where all can be distributed across Europe. All this can be done in a safe environment.

All permits for the park are obtained already so start up can be fast and on demand of the investor.

All utilities are on site already.

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Our park

Korczowa Logistics Park is suitable to accommodate logistics/distribution activities, (chilled) storage and light manufacturing activities.

Hotel and retail park

  • A 100 bedroom hotel.
  • Buildings suitable for supermarket and other retail business operations, with a total buildable area of some 3,750 sqm., dividable as from 500 sqm.

Truck repair shop and spare part center

  • A truck repair shop, offering maintenance and repair services.
  • A truck spare parts center.

Secure Truck Parking

  • Ensuring safety for transported goods, vehicles and drivers.
  • Matching the SETPOS and TAPA security standards.
  • 300 parking places.
  • 24-hour, 7 day video surveillance and on-site staff.
  • Tractor and trailer access control at entrance and exit.
  • Transport of dangerous goods identified at entrance.
  • Area for refrigerated trucks.
  • Pedestrian access control.
  • Fully fenced site.
  • Multilingual customer service.
  • Restrooms and shower facilities.
  • Restaurant and coffee shop for truck drivers.
  • Wi-Fi facilities and rest area.
  • Truck petrol station and truck wash.

Tailor made warehouses

  • Development potential of approximately 175,000 sqm – units as from 5,000 sqm.
  • Built to the most recent technical specifications in the field of logistics and designed to maximize the efficiency of the user.
  • Highly energy efficient structures with minimum maintenance costs.
  • Lay-out and dimensions according to the occupier’s specifications (cooled or refrigerated, if required).
  • Integration of offices following the occupier’s operational needs.
  • Expansion and second phase parcels possible.
  • Fast track construction.
  • Fully integrated facility management service.

Customs & VAT facilities on site

  • On-site customs presence with full active duty 24/7.
  • VAT administration refund facility.
  • Visa Free border area traffic for Ukrainian citizens.
  • The customs’ presence, combined with the opportunity to occupy state-of-the-art warehousing and production facilities and to make use of all other on-site services, will increase the effectiveness, speed and safety of cross-border goods transport.

Production facilities

  • Development potential of approximately 15,000 sqm – units from 5,000 sqm.
  • Reserved for non-polluting industries.
  • Tailor-made : lay-out and dimensions according to the occupier’s operational needs.

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Our partners

The idea of creating this logistic park was founded by four companies who are complementary with each other. The owners are:

  • DIPAR V: they are specialized in the development of logistic parks
  • Drooghmans International: they are specialized in the analyses for the construction of these buildings
  • BEM: they can rely on a financial background
  • Inter City Cool Liners: they are specialized in logistics and distribution of all kind of goods

To be sure everything is developed on Polish and international standards, it works together with ILD from Belgium. They developed several of parks abroad Belgium and their main focus is on Eastern Europe. They have representatives in Poland which makes it easy to work with.